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5 ways to get more out of your garden this winter


Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you have to ignore your garden! Winter can be a great time to be outside, so here are our top tips to get more out of your garden…


Keep entertaining

Up your garden entertaining game by opening up your outside space to friends and family this winter. Barbecuing in sub-zero temperatures means you get to enjoy that grilled goodness all year round, even if you’re taking part in Veganuary! Make sure your outside areas are well lit (think fairy lights and other outdoor illuminations) and keep everyone super warm. Patio heaters might not be the eco-friendliest option out there, but firepits can be a great way to keep your guests warm and can also double up for marshmallow toasting.

Create a wildlife sanctuary


You might be tempted to get out there and clean up all those leaves and logs that have collected since summer, but don’t. These piles of garden litter can become excellent habitats for hibernating hedgehogs, so try and put off your garden clear up until springtime if you can. The same goes for any unruly evergreen like ivy, too, as these can provide much-needed cover for animals in hedgerows and trees, and keep local birds visiting by ensuring your feeders topped up.

Harvest your vegetables

Some vegetables need harvesting in the winter, so now’s the perfect time to get out onto your vegetable patch and start harvesting. Leeks, Brussels sprouts, parsnips and kale are all in their prime — and simply begging to be included in your new year recipe ideas. And if you didn’t get around to planting any crops earlier in the year, make sure you don’t forget this time. That way when next winter rolls around you’ll get to enjoy all the warming winter veg you could ever need!

Think evergreen

With all those bare branches and lack of colourful flowers, winter in the garden can be a bit of a depressing time. If your garden’s bare this year, why not try and redress the balance by introducing some more evergreen options into your foliage? It might be too late for this year but scout out your favourite evergreen plants and make sure that your garden keeps its green buzz when the mercury drops next time.

Use your greenhouse

Regular ground frosts might mean it’s too cold to grow anything delicate outside during the winter, so why not think about turning your attentions to a greenhouse instead and keep growing all winter? If you’re worried about keeping your greenhouse insulated, then simple tricks like attaching bubble wrap to the windows and using horticultural fleece can make a world of difference. And don’t forget a thermometer, too, so you can keep track of the heat.