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How to host the ultimate Christmas get-together


Searching for crafty activities to get your kids in the festive mood? Look no further than these great Yuletide decorations you can make at home.

Make an entrance


You want your guests to be wowed from the moment they arrive at your party. Outside your front door, put up some fairy lights to create an inviting welcome for your guests. When they get inside, remember to show them where they can leave their shoes and take any jackets and bags they may be carrying. And once you’ve done all that, offer them a welcome drink — a glass of mimosa or prosecco always goes down well with those who drink alcohol!

Light up the room


Getting the lighting right is crucial to creating the perfect atmosphere for your festive gathering. Turn off the ceiling lights and opt for lamplight, which creates a far more intimate setting. Add extra lighting around the food and drinks tables so people can see what they’re choosing, and remember to illuminate any outdoor spaces, too. If you’re feeling ambitious, you could even go for candles to boost your lighting — just make sure they are securely positioned and out of the way of any kids.

Pick the right tracks

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Another atmosphere must-have is the right playlist to make your party pop. As it’s Christmas time, you might want some festive tunes but you could always mix in some other hits so your guests don’t get Mariah-ed out. Remember to keep the music fairly mellow and at a lower volume to let people easily talk over it — you don’t want any heavy metal tracks coming on and drowning out your guests.

Be a Yuletide bartender


‘Tis the season to be merry, and for many that includes enjoying their favourite tipple. A must for any great party is having a well-stocked bar with a range of drinks for every taste. Stock up on wine and beer, but also some more festive offerings go down well, like mulled wine and liqueurs. You could even make homemade cocktails or a punch, and remember to stock lots of non-alcoholic drinks for designated drivers or those who don’t drink alcohol.

Choose a festive feast


The food table will likely be the centre of activity at your party, so make sure it stands out. There are loads of options for buffet, whether you want to go full-on traditional Christmas or maybe Christmas-with-a-twist (anyone for turkey and cranberry sushi rolls?). Stay clear of any food that’s too messy to eat standing up and try to keep sauces to a minimum to avoid spills and stains. Remember to cater for everyone, so provide vegetarian and vegan options and consider dietary or religious requirements.

Go for games


Let the good times roll with some well-chosen Christmas games for your party. Inclusive games that get people talking are best, so stay clear of too many board games that require a lot of silent pondering. You could even bring out the karaoke machine if you think your guestlist will appreciate it, but avoid drinking-based games if not all your guests are drinking. Don’t forget to give out prizes, as well — think boxes of chocolates and bottles of wine.


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