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5 easy Christmas decorations you can craft at home


Searching for crafty activities to get your kids in the festive mood? Look no further than these great Yuletide decorations you can make at home.

Snow globe

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Everyone loves giving a snow globe a good shake, but instead of buying your own little droplet of winter wonder, why not create your own? All you need to do is grab an old jam jar, choose your setting (perhaps a traditional forest scene made from pipe cleaners or maybe your favourite cartoon characters?) and stick it to the inside of your jam jar lid. Then fill the jar with glitter, water, and a bit of glyceride and screw on the lid. Turn it over and voila — your very own snow globe!

Glitter cones


A festive favourite with the little ones, glitter cones are great, natural-looking decorations and super simple to make. Find some cones — if your cones are dirty then wash them, just make sure they are completely dry before continuing — then simply cover them with glue and glitter! It’s that simple. If you’re not a fan of glitter, then glue something else onto the cones — think bits of tinsel or even sweets?


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This one might need a little more preparation, but it will be worth it! Collect up some ice-lolly sticks (three per snowflake) and paint white. Next, stick them together to create a circle and from there use either pipe cleaners, buttons or other trinkets to create your very own, very cool personalised snowflakes you can hang anywhere and everywhere.

Salt dough Christmas trees

Image Source

Cheap and easy to make, salt dough is a versatile option that’s ideal for crafting with the kids. Simply add flour, salt and water together for the dough, then decide where your imagination is going to take you! The beauty of salt dough is that you can use it to create absolutely any type of decoration you want, all you need are the right cookie cutters, some paint and all your creative juices.

Peppermint candy canes


If your kids have a sweet tooth, why not make some peppermint candy canes — the ultimate decoration-sweet crossover! All you need is some red and green fondant icing and peppermint flavouring before twisting the icing into candy cane shapes. You’ll be surprised at how easy they are to create — just make sure that they don’t all get eaten before you’ve had chance to put them up…


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