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10 ways to use jam jars (for everything except jam)


Do you end up pointlessly hoarding empty jam jars? Or maybe you’re bored of taking them down to the bottle bank.


Well, don’t worry because we’ve put together 10 great ways to re-use your jam jars.

1. Soap dispensers

Jazz up your handwashing experience by making your jam jars into soap dispensers. Simply keep hold of an old soap dispenser, drill a hole into the lid of a jam jar, pop in the dispenser and fill the jar with your favourite soap!

2. Spice jars

What better way to show off all those colourful spices and powders you have in your cupboards than showcasing them in some converted old jars? You could even line them up on a new spice rack if you’re feeling extra crafty. 

3. Money box

All you have to do is drill a slit in the lid of a jam jar and hey presto (or pesto, if you’re using an old pesto jar…) you’ve got yourself an easy-access money box for all that loose change.

4. Snow globes

Feeling festive? Then create your own snow globe! Glue some figures (or whatever scene you want to create) onto the inside of the lid and cover the bottom of the jar with glitter. Then fill it with distilled water — adding 6-7 drops of glycerine — screw the lid back on and then turn it over! 

5. Herb garden

Nurture your own herb garden wherever you are by planting your favourite herbs in old jam jars. Add a little compost, pop in your seedling, and place it somewhere cool yet sunny. Just don’t forget to water them!

6. Candle holders


Freshen up your lighting by transforming your jars into exquisite looking candle holders. You can decorate the jars anyway you like, so there’s no excuse not to have the ideal candle holders for your living room.

7. Drinking glasses

It might seem like a hipster thing to do but jars really do make cheap and quirky drinking glasses. You could even drill a straw hole in the lid if you wanted to mix things up a little.

8. Food storage

OK, so this one is very hipster but hear us out. If you’re looking for ways to take your homemade spaghetti Bolognese to work, why not stick it in a jar instead of buying expensive plastic containers?

9. Salt and pepper shakers

Punch some small holes into the lid of a jam jar and you’ve got yourself a salt or pepper shaker that could can either personalise or simply leave clear. Just remember that this works better with smaller jars.

10. Toothbrush holders

As well as a jam jar-turned-soap dispenser, you could also reuse a jar as a toothbrush holder. These can be surprisingly expensive in the shops, so save yourself some money and use an old jar instead.

Do you have any other uses for old jam jars that we’ve not included? Then let us know in the comments below…


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