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5 hassle free pets your family will love


Are you looking for the ideal pet to get the family this Christmas but don’t want the hassle of either a dog or cat?

Here are some great easier options for finding that new love of your life…



A popular first pet for young children, hamsters can be a great way to introduce kids to all things small and furry – but just remember they’re delicate little creatures and need to be handled with care. Some breeds of hamster are more sociable than others, so make sure you know what you’re buying beforehand. But they will all need a cage with plenty of nesting material (think shredded paper or similar) food, water, and maybe a wheel or two. 



They might not be as warm and cuddly as other animals but lizards can be great pets and tap into a completely different range of caring skills in young children. A good tank or terrarium is a must-have and be sure to speak to staff at your local pet store to get the best kit. A leopard gecko is a good choice for novices as they don’t require UV lighting, but iguanas and chameleons also make interesting pets.



A fish is an excellent choice if you’ve got young kids who aren’t quite old enough to handle pets. A goldfish might seem like the obvious option, but there are a range of fish out there that can be just as, if not more intriguing. Remember to keep the water clean (or the filter working, if you have one), and sprinkle in food regularly. And check with specialists if you plan on mixing fish to ensure they’re compatible.



Another cute pet to consider is the ever-fascinating tortoise, which can live up to 50 years. Tortoises require a surprising amount of attention due to their diet (which will need a hefty amount of preparation beforehand) and their space needs, so opt for a healthily-sized outside pen. Tortoises also hibernate, so that’s something else to consider if you can’t resist getting one for the family.



Don’t believe the bad press put you off. Rats can make amazing pets as they are actually clean, sociable, and surprisingly smart. Because they’re so sociable, it’s also a good idea to get a pair so they can keep each other company — so bear that in mind when making your choice! 


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